FusionBrain in linux with udev

I wanted to document what I’ve done to simplify working with my FusionBrain under Ubuntu, using udev to automatically start/stop fbd.  My first approach was the tried-and-true ‘create an init script’.  It would run automatically on system boot and that was that.  I’m actually not thrilled with that approach, on top of issues such as failure to find a FB when it’s reconnected later…

So now I use udev to start/stop fbd automatically whenever it detects insert/removal of the FB on the USB bus.  Here’s a rundown of how that’s achieved. Continue reading

Freerunner Networking Extras

Two add-ons for FreeRunner networking: dhcpd-usb and gw6c.  The first is dhcp server configuration that offers to hosts connected via USB to the FreeRunner, the second is for connecting to an IPv6 tunnel broker using TSP.  The ipks for each of these include symlinks to /etc/rcS.d/S42*, to ensure that each of them is started during boot-up right after S40networking. Continue reading

Blood Orange Peppered Pork Roast

Peppered Pork with Blood Orange

Peppered Pork with Blood Orange

Well, it’s time for my first cooking-related post here.  I’ve held off partly because I’ve not yet found a convenient means of posting what would be considered a typical recipe, IE list of ingredients, series of prep steps, and photos.  In any case, Here is a snapshot of one of my ever-evolving favorites: Peppered Pork Roast with Blood Orange.  As presented it serves 2-3, though it is explicitly halved (using 1/2 of a 3-4 pound tenderloin) so it readily doubles to serve 4-6.. :)  Blood oranges contribute significantly to both color and flavor, though they have a fairly short season, limited availability, and are usually pretty pricey.  If unavailable, ordinary oranges, tangerines, or the juice of either can be substituted – it tastes and looks different, but is still quite good.  Start at least 2.5 hours ahead.

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Retheming with Edje

In this article I walk through the process of retheming an application that utilizes Edje from Enlightenment E17.  The example used is the Dialer from SHR (Stable Hybrid Release) for the Openmoko FreeRunner, but the information is equally applicable to anything that leverages Edje for its good looks. (for the Freerunner this includes 2008.x for some things, but the dialer and most related apps under 2008.8/2008.9 are Qtopia apps)

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Better Freerunner networking

This is a place for me to gather my thoughts and results of my efforts on improving the default networking configurations and functions on the Freerunner with the eventual goal:

Route out eth0 (wifi) if present, route out usb0 (via host computer) if eth0 NOT usable and usb0 IS usable, set up demand-dial ppp0 over GPRS if both fail.  And have nameserver lookups transparently adjust to match default route.

Once I’ve gotten everything working reasonably well I will try to bring eth1+/wlan/ath0 (usb-added wired or wireless ethernet devices) and bluetooth into the fold, as well as figuring out best handling for VPN-provided routes and DNS. Continue reading